Corporate Philosophy

Enterprise vision

Mission: provide people with comfortable, energy-saving, environmental protection, safety lighting space

Mission interpretation: kalevo lighting provide people with comfortable, energy-saving, environmental protection, safety lighting space at the same time, but also contribute to the world of green environmental protection.

Vision: pragmatic innovation, responsibility, vying for the LED industry leader

Vision interpretation: responsibility to win customers, pragmatic and innovative to progress

It’s difficult for a client, losing a customer is easy.

  • Enterprise tenet: set integrity show hon way;
  • Enterprise spirit: confidence, integrity, intentions, and innovation;
  • Enterprise target: to do, the leading company of China lighting;
  • Business strategy: to the quality to win

Enterprise Society

The enterprise values

Product concept: product as the carrier, meet the demand, create demand, increase the quality of life and consumer grade;

Employees view: staff is the source of corporate profits, we with gratitude return to equal treatment, human welfare and the development of space;

Talent view: suitable is the best, applied in the training, and return to development space;

Customer view: the customer approval is our survival fundamental, is our value; Choose the customer quality, provide product and service efficiency, promote mutual competitiveness, realize win-win;

Development concept: no one successful development of the enterprise is the cost of the development of the employees, customers, a comprehensive balanced development is the foundation of the steady and strong.

Kalevo Lighting Culture


  • Responsibility is a reflection of a personal outlook on life, values and world view, is a person treat life attitude and life environment


  • Innovation is the root of enterprise survival and development. The innovation is xing, no innovation, wu. We actively advocate innovation culture, and through a variety of incentives to encourage the staff to break the old thinking, aggressive, proactive, continuous innovation, continuous improvement.

Results oriented

  • We insist on the result oriented, work center of gravity is always to improve performance and realize the goal and the output results. We are willing to provide easy platform for employees’ value, let employees learn to self-motivation, actively look for problems and opportunities, impact performance for improved performance, so as to realize self-management, share the fruits of development with the enterprise finally.

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