2017 Hongkong International outdoor Fair

                                                           2017 Hongkong autumn Lighting Fair

Under the efforts of our foreign trade team.
our new street light, canopy light and other new products get great publicity in this exhibition.
At the same time.
we have in-depth exchanges with our old customers to strengthen the cooperation of both sides trust.

Exhibition News


Time】26-29 Oct 2017
【Place】 AsiaWorld-Expo
【Kalevo booth number 】 8A-15

A new LED light solution for street lighting

  Low energy consumption: dramatically reduce energy use

Long and predictable lifetime: The projected lifetime of LED street lights is usually 10 to 15 years, two to four times the life of currently prevalent HPS.

More accurate color rendering: The color rendering index is the ability of a light source to correctly reproduce the colors of the objects in comparison to an ideal light source. Improved color rendering makes it easier for drivers to recognize objects.

Quick turn on and off: Unlike fluorescent and high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps, such as mercury vapor, metal halide, and sodium vapor lamps, which take time to heat up once switched on, LEDs come on with full brightness instantly.

Immediate restart: Unlike mercury vapor, metal halide and sodium vapor lamps (commonly used in street lighting), LEDs do not have a problem restarting immediately (hot ignition) following a brief power failure or inadvertent turn off.

RoHS compliance: LEDs don’t contain mercury or lead, and don’t release poisonous gases if damaged.

Less attractive to nocturnal insects: Nocturnal insects are attracted to ultraviolet light emitted by many conventional light sources.

Optically efficient lighting equipment: Other types of street lights use a reflector to capture the light emitted upwards from the lamp. Even under the best of conditions, the reflector absorbs some of the light. Also for fluorescent lamps and other lamps with phosphor coated bulbs, the bulb itself absorbs some of the light directed back down by the reflector. The glass cover, called a refractor, helps project the light down on the street in a desired pattern but some light is wasted by being directed up to the sky (light pollution). LED lamp assemblies (panels) can send light in the desired directions without a reflector.

Reduced glare: Directing the light downward onto the roadway reduces the amount of light that is directed into driver’s eyes.

Higher light output even at low temperatures: While fluorescent lights are comparably energy efficient, on average they tend to have lesser light output at winter temperatures

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How to choose and buy led downlight?

General speaking, the led downlights is actually in daily life household lighting lamps and lanterns (bedroom, living room, balcony and so on), just the light source is no longer traditional energy-saving lighting, but the use of LED lighting components, led downlight choice is no longer so simple like the traditional energy-saving lamp incandescent lamp, so consideration is also different. So, we should how to choose and buy led downlight?

Consideration points 1: LED Downlight’s radiator.
Heat dissipation speed determines the LED downlight decay and life issue, too small radiator will make high temperature accumulation in the interior of the light source, and the lamp for a long time to work under high temperature and will decay very fast, that will short the life, so in the choice of LED downlight, Kavelo lighting company suggest you choose the Cold forged aluminum materials radiator and shell, because the aluminum heat spread is much faster, can ensure led downlight normal lighting.

Consideration points 2: Downlight’s driver.

Driving power supply is also called transformer. Transformer quality also determines the life of the whole lamp, lamp own life is more than 50000, but if the transformer damage, the whole downlights also does not working any more, Transformer used in electronic components, design scheme determines the efficiency of the transformer, power factor, stability, temperature rise, the service life, so in the purchase of LED downlight,Kalevo lighting company suggest you choose wide voltage drive. Such way can guarantee the stability of the output voltage and current,  to ensure that the LED lamp in the use of process safety and stable performance,and confirm your customer need dimming or not dimming,if customers need dimming Downlight  we must pay attention what kind of dimming ? DALI ,PMW,or 0-10v diming.Kalevo lighting company can provide any sulotion about driver such as Phlips ,Tridonic,Meanwell ,HEP,Lifud and so on.

Consideration points 3: Quality of led components.

When you choose the downlights, not only consider the housing materials with power supply, but also need to consider the quality of the led light source components, led light source components quality decided lighting effect and packaging process influence light quality, heat and other key factors. At present on the market led light source components made in China and imported, generally, different brands, price differences larger, lighting effect difference, Kalevo Lighting company suggested you carefully enough to choose the suitable ones.We can provide you led components brands as show below

Consideration points 4: LED Downlight Dimension

You need to know customer project  need square downlights or round downlight ,and also need to know the hole size Kalevo lighting company have both of square and round downlights.
Consideration points 5: LED Downlight Light beam angle
You also need the customers install the downlight where and what they need effect to choose the beam angle .Kalevo lighting company downlight have 15°,25° ,60°,90°,and so on.

Consideration points 5: wheredownlights be used and take attention IP grade of the downlight

If your customer project have bathroom ,you need to provide them the highier IP grade downlight ,IP44 such as IP 65  ,Kalevo lighting have the kind of downlight ,with IP65.And in order to check the IP grade we take the downlight with IP65 in water,and it go well.

In general, downlight are used for normal lighting, it is required to provide ambient light can be. Downlights means the light down forward. spotlights is provided for the local lighting. It requires local light, for lighting close-up, increase the light projecting a objects or object parts (such as shopping malls and clothing store, mobile phone stores, etc.). General, now many families decoration, living room use small size downlight, generally used as a wash wall lights, increase the luminosity of the wall in the living room, hallway or corridor balcony and so on, the downlights is for general lighting.

What do you think choose downlight have another consideration point? Welcome to comment ~~!!

Date: 2016–0903  Nic.Ho  reference by Phlips ,Meanwell Lumiled ,Fang.

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